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DAOvergence (DVG) is an investment DAO consisting of passionate individuals with diverse blockchain, finance and marketing and legal backgrounds based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and US. We take a strategic partnership approach and are focused on seed and early stage investments in the blockchain space across DeFi, NFT and the Metaverse. ​

We firmly believe Blockchain is a new foundational technology that allows for paradigm shifts in economic and business models. It provides a platform to empower individuals and incentivise socially desirable outcomes from the bottom up and helps address the vast inequality in the world today. 

We are focused on adding strategic value to our portfolio companies through the diverse expertise and network of our partners and in return it gives our DAO members access to deals otherwise only available to traditional VCs. 

Longer term we aim to democratise early stage investing through tokenisation of our DAO and make it accessible for all.

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You will have the opportunity for close engagement with us. We are uniquely situated as a co-investment DAO in that we're not 'a firm' that just needs to deliver returns. Instead, each individual on our team is more directly aligned with your success, because they choose to invest.

We know the bridge between tradfi and defi. Many of our members have top tier tradfi experience so we deeply understand the challenges in legacy finance, the regulatory environment as well as blockchain tech. 

We are directly embedded in the APAC crypto ecosystem. A number of our members work in top local exchanges so we understand and can leverage synergies that stem from our extensive local network.

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